Hi, my name is Claire and I am French. This is a simblr and 99% of my posts are reblogs because my screenshots are bad.
koungatime sent: Hi! I would like to know where did you get the blanket over the stair fence in your last picture. By the way, I like your pictures SO much! :)



Hi, thank you! :D

Its from this set by Lunasimslulamai (scroll down a little bit).

You’ll need OMSP for it however to get it at the right height.


Cactus and Snake Plants
Just a small update. A recolorable cactus and edits of the snake plants from the Showtime EP—the small snake plant in a new pot, and the large in a simplified box planter. Showtime shouldn’t be required for the snake plants, but let me know if there are any problems.
§65 Cactus and Small Snake Plant
§150 Snake Plant Box
Credit to EA for the Snake Plants.
DOWNLOAD (includes package and sims3pack)
Mega | Dropbox

Perriand Bamboo Chair
Comfort > Living Chairs
3 recolorable channels
Polys: 1628
*Sitting animations don’t match perfectly.
DOWNLOAD: Mega | Dropbox | Adf.ly (donate)
(credit: artwork from b5studio)

Hemingway Chair
A living room chair based on this mid-century Danish design.
Thank you to grandelama for suggesting the name, and bringing to my attention that the seat is shaped like an open book. ♥
Comfort > Living Chairs
3 recolorable channels
Polys: 848
*The animation doesn’t match perfectly (sims will not lean all the way back), but you can fill in that gap with a nice decorative pillow, as some testers have done.
DOWNLOAD (.package)
Dropbox | Adf.ly (donate)
And a special thanks to all the wonderful testers for their feedback. This who have the earlier version don’t need to re-download, the file is the same.